Based in Leicester. Leicestershire East Midlands United Kingdom.


To support men on their relationship issues and struggles to cope with family issues. To provide men with emotional support by being a listening ear without judging, labelling and to provide non-biased environment which allow a choice to have anonymity if needed. To let men, know and understand that Men Also Do matter2. This will empower men to build their self-worthy, reduce suicides, family separation, enable men to take responsibility for their families by being present fathers and good role models to their families.

Why Do Men Matter?

Men want to make their families, partners, and their children happy by showing that they are responsible for their welfare and wellbeing.

Men want to be involved in their families’ upkeep but sometimes it does not always work that way. However, it does not mean that they do not care about good parenting. Sometimes they do not know how to show affection due to their own poor upbringing and inability to support families. Sometimes losing jobs, lack of jobs, poverty, migration, cultural differences, and glass ceiling created by educational qualifications differences in different countries. If this chain is not broken, men will pass their life struggles to their children.

This will continue to create generations of absent fathers. This could be due to fear flight mode or suicides. Killing themselves due to failure to cope with divorce struggles. Killing themselves including their families or running away from their families and getting into premature relationships which does not last and having more children without a father. This in turn has a negative impact on the family including increased poverty, which will affect the children in many ways such as dropping from school due to drugs, being imprisoned or having teen pregnancy. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) pointed that out that 5691 suicides were registered with 11% deaths over 100 000 and three quarters were men. Samaritans pointed out that men at the age of 45 to 49 years of age were the highest risk of suicide.

What we are currently doing?

Providing Sessions on Zoom every 6 weeks;  discussing and providing interventions.

Involving  professionals and non-professionals in providing interventions.

Creating more awareness about our organisation and getting more volunteers to provide various interventions.

Continuing to support men and encouraging them to adapt their ways of life by moving away from historical ways of living. 

Continuing to create awareness about Men Also Do Matter2.

Continuing to be the voice for the men through Men Do Matter2.

Advocating for men to support their mental health