Margaret Chipo

Chairperson and Founder

Margaret worked as a Receptionist or Secretary for Fima Enterprises in Zimbabwe. She also worked as a Personal Assistant for the Booksellers Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ). In 2001 she moved to the United Kingdom where she has worked as a Cleaner, Carer Assistant and Support Worker in various settings which includes Hospitals, Mental Health institutions in Wales. Whilst doing these jobs, she was studying for a BSc in Occupational Therapy. After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist she worked in London Social Services, NHS in Colchester and Bristol NHS, Margaret is currently a Social Services Occupational Therapist in Leicestershire County Council. Margaret continued with her studies and now holds an MSc in Advanced Occupational Therapy.

Margaret identified that there was a need for an organisation to support men especially African men. This was after there have been issues where black men were involved in incidents where they committed sucide and in some cases they killed their partners and children and then killed themselves. This was a shock in the black community as it became a sort of trend. There were also cases where some men were made homeless due to misunderstanding with partners. Margaret thought there must be a way to prevent these catastrophic acts. Therefore after sharing the idea with like minded people in October 2019, the idea continued to gather momentum and Men Also Do Matter2 (MADM2) was born in July 2020.

Nkululeko Ndlovu

Vice Chair-Person

My life philosophy is best summarised by Prof. De Bono: ” Thinking is the ultimate human resource. The quality of our future will depend entirely on the quality of our thinking. This applies on a personal level, at community level and on the world level” (De Bono , 1996). De Bono’s Thinking Course. The Africa diaspora should find the answers to some social problems they come across, hence my participation in MADM2.

I am an Accountant by profession who has a passion for humanity.

Marx Senesie Vandy


Awaiting more Info about Marx Senesie Vandy…

Agnes Roycroft


Awaiting more Info about Agnes Roycroft…

Drysdale Chivhanga

Website Manager

Currently studying MSc in Strategic Management, Drysdale is a full stack C# developer who holds a BSc in Information Technology. On top of studying, he is also the Acting, Software Engineer at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT, Zimbabwe).

He has worked as a relief teacher teaching Mathematics, Statistics and Accounting up to Advanced Level. At one point he had multiple roles in multiple schools where he worked as a voluntary employee with such duties like Teacher in Charge Sports (Chess, Soccer and Athletics) and Assistant Boarding Master.

Leveraging technology on technical problems is one of the hobbies to Drysdale.